Hey Hannah

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Hey Hannah,

I really want a new pair of glasses but the ones I have, I bought a year ago. Should I buy new ones or just wait for these to give out?

Hello! If you’re looking for new glasses but not sure where to start, Warby Parker is an excellent website to look into. Their website features quizzes you can take that help narrow your search to find the perfect pair. After you’ve taken the quiz, Warby Parker lets you pick five pairs to be sent to your home with free shipping. You’ll then have five days to decide if you want to purchase a pair. This might be an option for you to consider! If not, try looking online for other options. It’s okayto want to switch up your look! Do you boo.

Hey Hannah,

What did you do this summer? Did you have fun?

My summer consisted of summer classes, internships and the sun! I’m sad that the summer is over, but I’m excited to be a senior!

Hey Hannah,

I sorta followed my girlfriend here to Union. I like the school, but it doesn’t have the major I want. Should I leave and go to a school that does offer it?

Follow your passion first. If you were willing to follow your girlfriend here, shouldn’t you be willing to make long-distance work? If you are both in this for the long haul, long-distance won’t keep you apart. If she’s not your future, then why settle for a life you don’t want? Don’t waste your time or money on an education that doesn’t cater to your needs.

Hey Hannah,

I miss the mountains of Colorado, why should I stay in Nebraska?

Exactly, why stay? Go to the mountains, my friend.

Hey Hannah,

I have a hard time making friends, what should I do?

As hard as it can be, try to put yourself out there! It can be discouraging when the potential friendships aren’t reciprocated, but keep your head up! Ask someone out for coffee or to a movie. Chances are that they’re looking for a friend too. Friendships take work; don’t be afraind to put in the effort.

Hannah Armstrong is a senior studying health and human performance.