Stop Talking and Start Doing

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


Something that really bothers me is when people get caught up in the problem more than the solution. You can see examples of this all over society. The majority of the news focuses on all the problems in our world but rarely on the positive deeds that people do. 

This subconsciously teaches our society to focus more on the negative aspects of life instead of focusing on the good. It also teaches us to complain about our problems instead of fixing them. How do we change this mindset? 

One place I think we can start involves the word “initiative.” Initiative means seeing an issue and taking it upon yourself to find a solution. Many times, we think we’re entitled to things. With a society full of fast food, same day shipping and where everything is virtually done for us, this can be an easy mindset to fall into. 

Because of our entitlement, we begin noticing all the problems and start voicing our complaints. A lot of times, we spend more time talking about the issue then trying to figure out how we can fix it. However, we must remember things don’t change themselves. If we want to see a change, we must act. We must start getting involved instead of complaining. Do something, anything! A perfect example of taking initiative is the story of Bert and John Jacobs. The Jacobs brothers saw a problem and did something about it. They were fresh out of college, needed money and found a solution to thier problem. 

They noticed how the world focused on negativity and decided to help people think more optimistically. And so began a clothing brand I’m sure many of you are familiar with, “Life is Good.” It started out small with only about 50 T-shirts but today, “Life is Good” is a huge company that has affected many lives. 

This is just one example where someone saw a need and took action. You can do it too. You can get involved in many ways, from becoming part of ASB or Student Senate to becoming a student missionary. You can also make a difference by voting at each election or volunteering for your favorite nonprofit organization. 

Everyone has a different role to play, a different calling so don’t be scared to step out alone. Life is all about making a difference. Stop talking about all the problems in our world and find a way where you can make a difference!

Lena Wilkie is a sophomore studying international rescue and relief.