Beginnings. A new school year and for some, a new school. Most people think of January as the time to start fresh, but the start of a new school year is just as good if not better.

This semester is a new beginning for me. As a bit of an introduction, I am a junior and just started a new major: you guessed it, religion. For four years I felt called to ministry, but still started out my college career as a pre-nursing student. Then at the end of last semester, I received my acceptance letter into the nursing program and realized that I should have been excited, but was instead ambivalent. That was the last bit of proof I needed to realize that God had other plans for me, so I finally switched.

As a pastor’s kid, I moved a lot while growing up, and have lived in N.C., Tenn., Kan., and Alberta, Canada. I have had a passion for pastoral and prayer ministry for several years and have attended many prayer conferences and witnessing seminars. I also enjoy using horses as object lessons to teach about Jesus and His grace to us, which I was able to do at North Star Camp this summer. With all that said, I will be the religion writer for The Clocktower this year.

I am going to cover a wide range of topics: practical advice on how to grow a relationship with God, some stories of personal struggles in the lives of real people here at Union, ways God is working at Union College currently and biblical advice on problems you are facing today (on that note, if you have a story to share, email me at Some of you may have heard of the antitrinitarians’ argument, or the belief that the trinity is not as it has been traditionally understood, and other challenges to traditional Adventist beliefs. Watch for articles exploring issues such as this throughout the year. I am excited to be writing this year and I welcome feedback on any of my articles.

Jade Covel is a junior studying religion.