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So when I tell people I’m a social science education major the first question I get is, “That’s cool … what can you do with that?” I’m like, “I can teach with it.” People don’t really understand what it is. So social science is the study of people, it’s how we interact. It’s something I think everyone can benefit from it.

Social science is like an umbrella. Social Science is the top and then there’s history, psychology, sociology, economics, geography, political science, etc. With teaching people really focus on the history aspect but there’s so much more. History is just dates and people and names but if you add the sociology aspect it’s more about what’s happening. Why are they doing this? Why are they thinking this way? What’s their mind set? With social science you can do law school, you can do business, there’s a lot of options. I feel like it could be applicable to anyone’s career. It helps people understand why we do certain things.

I was going to do history, and history is cool and all, but I wanted to do more of the sociology aspect. Social science is made up of less history. It’s a whole field and not just a subject. With my degree I can choose my classes. I want to teach middle school. I love the middle school aspect because they are so eager to learn. I mean they can be rough but I’ve loved every middle school I’ve seen because the students want to learn and the teachers can be kinda goofy.

-Nicholas Lawrence is a junior studying social science education




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