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Humans of union College

I love Christmas because one of my top love languages is giving and receiving gifts. I put a lot of thought into gift-giving. I kind of obsess about it. Also, I hate, hate, hate being cold. If I just focus on Christmas, the cold weather isn’t quite as infuriating.

Christmas became even more fun once I had a child. He’s a lot like me, he gets very excited and he just gets it. We’re still in the Santa Claus believing phase of his life. He’s starting to ask some questions, but my official stance is that it’s fun to pretend, and we take our pretending very seriously. There may be some Raisinettes in our driveway, left there by the reindeer. There may be a carrot with a bite taken out of it. My Christmas trees have been up since two weeks before Halloween. The reason I do that is my academy dean once made the comment, “don’t do Halloween because it could very well be Jesus’ real birthday.” Just in case it is and the devil is playing some trick on us, I just put Christmas up early!

Our Elf on the Shelf landed on Tuesday Nov. 13. His name is Gregory, that’s very important.

He enjoys Cheerios and Christmas comedies, but not Hallmark movies–because those are terrible.

We have a felt Christmas tree in our hallway for my son to play with. New to our house this year is a felt Menorah that we’ll hang in the hallway, so that my Jewish sister-in-law can send the kids Hanukkah gifts, so we don’t receive gifts without understanding why.

The best Christmas album of all time is by The Temptations–The Temptations “Christmas Card.” It’s not Christmas without it. It’s on Spotify. Everyone needs to check it out. Or, if you’d like, you can just follow me on Spotify and find my Christmas morning playlist. It’s wonderful and I’ve been listening to it for weeks.

I love Christmas movies. My favorite is “Arthur Christmas.” I also love “Elf” and the “Santa Clause” trilogy. We’ve already started watching them this year. Hallmark romance Christmas movies are the absolute worst of the worst. I hate them. Do not make me watch them. I will turn the channel to the Food Network and watch how they make eggnog cream puffs or whatever.

We do Christmas well at our house.

Marcia Nordmeyer is the Union College Guest Services Director.




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